Giulia Zoavo

The Milaneser

The Milaneser is an imaginary magazine, a collective artistic project whose aim is to portray the city of Milan through the illustrations of 52 artists, while also paying tribute to the New Yorker.

For my cover, I chose to humorously celebrate the epitome of the old, bourgeois Milan: the Sciura.

Sciura means “lady” in Lombard dialect, but it also defines a very specific type of wealthy fashionista from the center of the city: an upper class elderly woman who wears fur and pearls, who has perm hair, a teacup dog and never misses the theater opening night; a lady who loves store strolling and having a drink on a fancy terrace facing the Duomo.

Art direction: Zetalab

All images © 2014-2020 Giulia Zoavo