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UBI Banca 2016 calendar

For their calendar, UBI Banca wanted to celebrate the 2016 Olympic games with a set of illustrations about the "Everyday Olympics".
Wrestling with your full luggage at the check-in, having a tennis match with a mosquito or the everlasting cooking competition between mom and grandma: our year is full of funny challenges!

Tennis da camera / Summer Tennis

Regata di coppia / Laundry sailing

Staffetta sulla spiaggia / Rely race on the beach

Sonno stile dorso / Backstroke swimming in bed

Stellacanestro / Christmas basketball

Ciuffo Sincronizzato / Synchronized Combing

Lotta libera con valigia / Luggage wrestling

100 metro / Running to work

Incontro di cucinato / Cooking match

Il signore degli anelli / Tram training

In punta di fioretto / It’s a match!