BetaBubs Play Emojis

“Our kids liked borrowing our phones and using the Messages app to browse the emoji keyboard and send emojis.
They loved doing it, but we didn't love them potentially messaging a real person. So, Play Emojis was born”.

BetaBubs are Dino, Yuni, Octy and Alie: happy, friendly creatures that love technology, playing and having fun.
Play Emojis is their first mobile app, created for kids 5 and under to safely chat with imaginary friends.

Dino is a bit shy, but loves food, lovies, and having fun.

Big and noisy, but literally a ton of friendly fun. After all, he's a dinosaur!

Yuni is a brilliant, self-confident dreamer.

Always flying through blue skies chasing rainbows, singing songs, and spreading love.

Octy is a smart, intellectual octopus that loves reading,

experimenting, and marveling at the wonder of the world.

Alie is an alien visiting from the far reaches of the universe.

Alie is adventurous and loves technology and Earth's funny quirks.


BetaBubs Play Emojis was created by Very Good Ventures and illustrated by Giulia Zoavo.

Get it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.