Giulia Zoavo


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I’m an Italian-born, Brooklyn-based freelance illustrator.
After several years spent working as a graphic designer in Italy (BBDO, Milano Film Festival, Cosebelle Magazine) in 2016 I quit my full time job to pursue my passion for illustration. One year later I started collaborating with Sagmeister & Walsh and moved to New York.
Now I work with international agencies and companies as well as independent firms, magazines and small clients, creating illustrations, icons and graphics. Inspired by diversity, childhood memories and pop culture, my works come in a geometric and humorous style, with a particular attention to details and concepts – and a hint of cuteness.


Adobe, Sagmeister & Walsh, Coca-Cola, The New York Times, Target, IKEA, Snapchat, Teatro alla Scala, Quarto Publishing, Corriere della Sera, Volkswagen, Logitech, Rizzoli, 826 Valencia, Lavazza, Advertising Week NYC, BBDO, Juventus FC, Kazoo Magazine, New York Ophthalmology, Italianism, BNP Paribas.


2020 – 3x3 Pro Show No.17 – Merit Winner + Honorable Mention
2020 – American Illustration 39 – Chosen Winner
2020 – Annual Autori di Immagini – Selected
2019 – Premio Illustri – Finalist
2019 – 3x3 Pro Show No.16 – Honorable Mention (x2)
2018 – Premio Illustri – Selected
2017 – American Illustration 36 – Chosen Winner
2010 – One Show College Competition – Merit


2020 – The Rockefeller Center Flag Project – Rockefeller Center, New York City
2019 – Chicken Brooklyn Art Show – Sena Art Gallery, New York City
2019 – Diseño México-Italia – Centro Cultura Ex Escuela de Cristo, Aguascalientes
2018 – Gallerie Summertime by Illustri – Gallerie d’Italia, Vicenza
2018 – Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics – the Design Museum, London
2018 – How do You Say Pattern in Italian? – Appartamento Lago, Milan
2018 – Artists for Education – Mondadori Duomo, Milan
2014 – The Sky Belongs to All Eyes – Le Dictateur, Milan
2013 – Un homme juste est quand même un homme mort – Palais de Tokyo, Paris (fanzine exhibition)


2018 – AdobeLive Vector Art stream – San Francisco
2017 – AdobeLive @ 99U Conference – New York
2015 – About side projects – Quasar Design University – Rome

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